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This document is a testimony by Sean T*** 's Aunt. It is evidence that Sean T. was a childmolester and that Manuel only acted to protect children from this man.
(NB : The full names in this statement have been removed in order to protect the private life of this family. We have a hard copy with the names in our possession).
CASE # 97-730 / State v. Redwoman
DATE : October 2, 1997
INTERVIEWEE : Marilyn M. T.        TIME : 1:10 PM
ADDRESS : ***********
ATTORNEY : L. Sanford Selvey, II
WITNESS PRESENT : Mark Harrison.
* Investigator identified self and purpose of interview *
RM : please, state and spell your name
MT : my name is Marilyn M. T. -
RM : Your date of birth and you age please.
MT : January 27, 1942
RM : and how old are you ?
MT : 50 something
RM : what is your address ?
MT : ****** ****** ********
RM : are you employed ?
MT : No, I'm housewife.
RM : okay, I'm going to ask questions. You contacted our office and you had something to say about Sean. Sean is your nephew, is that correct ?
MT : Yes, that's correct.
RM : And your family has some hard feelings towards Sean, had you not ? As you know he was the victim of a shooting last week, is that right ?
MT : Aw, he was shot, whether someone else shot him or he shot himself is, who knows.
RM : Okay, was there problems at home with Sean ?
MT : Yes, Sean T. was a child molester. Little boys in particular.
RM : Can you be specific on some boys and on some incidents that had happened ?
MT : My son, L. T. and his cousin R. D. were molested when they were six and six and a half years old here in Billings.
RM : Can you tell me what Sean did to them ? Be specific so we know.
MT : Ah, he raped them. This they told us and they have nightmares at night and they talk in their sleep and they went on to talk about the things that he had done to them.
RM : Can you tell me of the things he done ?
MT : He dumped lighter fluid on their penis' to the point where it burnt off the top layer of the skin. He tied 'em up, he beat 'em, he hit them in the back of the head places where it wouldn't be easily seen, in the stomach, in the legs, and screamed and hollered obscenities at them and he was doing this. Now this is what the boys, this is what they scream out in their sleep.
RM : okay, when you say he raped them, what do you mean by rape ? Tell me.
MT : Um, I guess the legal word is sodomize.
RM : Sodomize would a male taking his penis and putting in somebody's rectum ?
MT : Yes, and he also put it in their throats.
RM : okay, this had happened some years ago ?
MT : Yes, Sean doesn't like children after they turn 11 or 12.
RM : Has he done it to any other children ?
MT : There are two others, but I'm not at liberty, because I haven't, to say anything because I haven't talked to their parents.
RM : Okay, are you going to talk to their parents ?
MT : No, I don't even know if their still here.
RM : Okay, you said your family felt relieved that this happened to Sean. Does this take a lot of stress off of them, or they feel better, or tell me what...
MT : Well, we don't have to worry about any other little boys going through this nightmare.
RM : Okay, Sean just got out of prison.
MT : Yes, two to three weeks before hand.
RM : What was he in prison for ?
MT : this time, I don't know, he went back and forth, in and out, in and out. Um, it was usually car theft or it might have been a parole revocation, I don't know.
RM : Was he friends with Manuel Redwoman ?
MT : Actually, I don't see, if he was only a week or two he.
RM : Do you know Manuel Redwoman ?
MT : No, I never saw him before in my life until I saw his picture in the paper and on the television.
RM : Okay, so do you know anything else Sean has done when he was out ? Did he take drugs ?
MT : Yes, he took drugs, although the rest of his family, his mother, and especially his uncle giving, and his friends Mr Dick L. and Ms L., will adamantly tell you that he didn't, but he did.
RM : Do you know what kind of drugs he was taking ?
MT : Well, he smoked grass and he popped pills beyond that, I don't know, but there are some other family members that might able to tell you, if their willing to talk to you.
RM : How old are these boys now that he assaulted ?
MT : Uh, their seventeen.
RM : And they still... tape off...
MT : Yes, they both said that they would like to shake Mr. Redwoman's hand.
RM : Do you think Sean was still abusing children until the time he was killed ?
MT : Yes, I most certainly do. The therapist that we talked to about these things said that they seldom stop.
RM : Do you know where Sean was staying at the time of his death ?
MT : No, he, he came out of prison and he went to Butte, to his Uncle's Bills and then he came from there to here in Billings, somewhere, bur he sent his mother, he was supposed to go stay with his mother and he didn't. He sent a round-about messageto her, he was down on the south side taking care of things.
RM : Okay, and so you haven't seen Sean... when was the last time you met Sean ?
MT : I stayed away from him as much as I possibly could, I haven't seen him for years.
RM : Okay... he stayed away from most of his family members ?
MT : No, he stayed away from us, and he stayed away from R.'s mother and R., and R's brother.
RM : Okay, do you have anything else you want to add ?
MT : Yes, he, Sean said when the rest of the family knows about this and some counselors guess and the police department, uh, there were other people who were blamed for what Sean did, until they found out it was an actual man with an actual penis, and the people who were blamed were women and I was one of them. The case was dismissed, but Sean threatened to kill those two boys to get even. Now, on July 28, at 1 : 30 in the morning, right over there, my son was hit by a dark-colored car and left for dead... and two days later I got a telephone call that too bad they didn't get him because next time they would. There were attempts made on Cindy's life that Sean's other Aunt, the mother of R. So I think maybe he was calling in favor from friends and paying them drugs or something. I don't know, but it was awfully funny, all of suden all these violent things that are happening to people... that he was mad at.
RM : Okay, is there anything else that you would like to add about Sean.
MT : Well, I want everyoneto know that Sean wasn't the angel that he was painted to be and there are people around who can tell you that. And even the police department can tell you that, they know that he's been in and out of trouble. He is, he's been shielded by the Morman Church and some of the higher ups there because they, they belong and they are very close to some people with a lot of pull there.
RM : Okay, are the statements you've given me true and correct to the best of your knowledge ?
MT : Yes, to the best of my knowledge.
RM : Have you given these statements freely and voluntarily ?     

MT : Yes I have.         
RM : I will now conclude this interview and the time is 1 : 20, and we're in the parking lot, this interview was conducted in the parking lot of the Sleep In Motel, behind McDonald's on South Billings Boulevard